Our Fitness Mission

The mission of the fitness education staff is to offer a program of instruction in lifetime physical activities and health education components that relate directly to the well-being of our students. Learning experiences have been developed to provide a comprehensive program of developmental activities (6th grade), skill-based instruction (7th grade), and sports education team models (8th grade) within the middle school experience.

During the school year your child will experience rollerblading, archery, indoor cycling, weightlifting, kickboxing, and many other activities. The purpose is for your child to try a variety of activities and see which ones they find interesting. Creating a lifetime fitness curriculum is our goal for our students, so they can carry their experiences into adulthood.

Health Wellness and Physical Education

Middle school students are provided the opportunity to learn through the application of movement skills, fitness concepts, and team related activities which enhance decision making. Psychological and sociological concepts are the cornerstone of the middle school physical education program.

Resources for students preparing for their end-of-course fitness exam