Avalon Middle School - Soccer 2021

AMS will be offering Middle School Athletics during the second semester; however, OCPS had to make modifications due to the pandemic.  We will be implementing an intramural model where students will be able to participate against other AMS students in the four traditional middle school sports (Volleyball, Track, Soccer, and Basketball) throughout second semester.  There will be no competitions against other middle school teams this school year.  The intramural format will allow any student on the campus ([email protected], Face-to-Face, or FLVS/OCVS) to participate in a sport. Dates are listed below for when each sport will take place.





January 11th thru February 5th


February 16th thru March 11th


March 29th thru April 23rd


April 26th thru May 21st


***All students planning to participate will need to submit a Sports Physical Packet to the front office or to Coach Tran in room 709 prior to sports start date and have a current GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Sports Physical Packets can be picked up in the front office or found on the AMS Website. If you have any questions at all please contact the Athletic Director, Coach Tran. ([email protected])

**Also, if your child interested in participating please fill out the following Google Form as soon possible.

Boy's Coach- Cody Hammermeister: [email protected]
Girl's Coach- Taylor Shaw: [email protected]

For more information about any of our Athletic Programs at AMS,

please call 407-207-7839:

Michaela Tran (Athletic Director) extension 5304987 [email protected]