Weather Delayed Dismissal

In the event of thunderstorms, students will not be dismissed when lightning is indicated within a six-mile radius of the school until 30 minutes have passed from the last strike within the radius.

  • Buses won't be loaded.
  • Car riders, bikers, and walkers will not be released.
  • An adult may go inside to retrieve a child. However, the adult must be on the student's Emergency Data Card and have a valid ID.
  • Buses will be loaded and students released when the weather has cleared.

Parents are notified of delayed dismissal via the Connect Orange automated phone system as well as the Talking Points messaging app.

During the delayed dismissal (30/30), parents may pick up their children. To expedite this process, we will create a parent-student pick-up center in our gym lobby (located next to the car loop).

Parents who want to pick up students must enter the school through the gym lobby door. This door is located on the west side of campus by the car loop.

Parents must fill out the “Parent Pick Up Waiver” and present identification to our staff. After the staff confirms parent is on the emergency contact list, the student will be called from the gym to come to the cafeteria.

While parents are waiting, they can remain in the gym. Please know that this process may take several minutes due to the volume of students being picked up.

Make sure your phone number and email address is updated so you receive important communication regarding delayed dismissals. In addition, you may want to add any people who may be picking up your student to their list of emergency contacts. Complete the Emergency Information Form and return to the front office.

Emergency Contact Updates - English
Emergency Contact Updates - Spanish

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncommon events.