AMS Clinic Information

AMS Clinic Information


OCPS has guidelines regarding student medications.  The basic procedures are outlined below.  You can read the OCPS parent letter below about rules of medications for more information.

Parent Letter about Rules of Medication 

If your child has medications that need to be administered during school hours (both prescription and OTC), then you need to complete the Medication Authorization form and call the school to schedule an appointment to drop off the form and the medication in the Clinic.  A separate form must be completed for EACH medication.  You will need to sign a medication receipt when you drop off the medication.  Prescription medications need to be in their original container with the doctor’s instructions printed on the bottle.  OTC medications need to be in new, unopened containers. 

Medical Authorization form   

If your child has ANY allergies, the Allergy Action Plan form must completed and turned into the Clinic.  If your child has a food allergy, then you need both the Allergy Action Plan and a FNS Diet Order form completed by your child’s doctor. 

Allergy Action Plan

FNS Diet Order Form FY19   

If a student needs to self-carry an Epi-Pen, Inhaler or Diabetes medication/supplies, they will need to have a doctor complete the appropriate form. 

Self-carry Epinephrine Auto Injector

Self-carry Meter Dose Inhaler

Self-carry Diabetes Authorization 

If you have additional questions, please contact our Health Assistant, Nancy Clark-Smith, at [email protected].