Information for Parents

Parents are the cornerstone of any child's education. We need parents to be involved in the day to day operations of the schools. The school has several committees and booster organizations that are focused on making the school a highly productive, wonderful place to be. 

Parent Resources

Middle school is a time of transition for our students as they begin taking their first steps on the journey to adulthood.  It is a time of physical, emotional, and mental change for our children which also causes changes in their relationships with you.  This developmental stage requires our students to develop increasing independence; however, they still need structure and support as they are learning how to make appropriate decisions.  As a parent, knowing how to navigate these years can be tricky which is why we have developed this resource page for you. As educators, we receive a lot of information related to child development that is not only useful to us, but also helpful to anyone dealing with a middle school child.  Periodically we will update this page with links to articles, videos, and other materials related to your child’s academic achievement and health, safety and welfare. We hope that you will find this page useful.

Academic Support

Gifted Education
MTSS Brochure

Emotional / Mental Health

“Violent Video Games and Physical Aggression”
Parenting Style
Suicide Prevention
Preventing Child Abuse
Preventing Child Abuse- Child Welfare Website
Tips for Teens Coping with Stress
Things I Can/Cannot Control

Health / Wellness Issues

How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers
Positive Parenting Guide (English)
Positive Parenting Guide (Spanish)

Kindness Counts

Bullying Prevention
Adult Help for Bullying

Responsible Use of Social Media

Screen Time Addiction Tips
How Social Media Affects the Teenage Brain

Unsafe Apps for Teens

Hooked App
Boo App
Monkey App