Peers as Partners in Learning Elective Course

Peers as Partners in Learning

(PIT Crew)

The Peers as Partners in Learning elective is a peer mentorship course, where students volunteer to help other students who need support in one of their core classes.  The course focuses on service over self and will help to foster reciprocal positive peer relationships.  Students in the PIT crew will be paired with another student with social and/or academic needs to help them remain focused on classroom tasks, provide peer tutoring during independent work, read questions/answer choices out loud or provide social/emotional supports.  

Interested students must complete a course application in the 600/guidance office or they may download a copy by clicking on the link below.  Applications are due back to the 600/guidance office by Friday, February 23rd.  

Eligibility Requirements:
- No significant discipline or behavioral issues in school (Admin signature required)
- 3.0 GPA or higher (Guidance signature required)
- 2 AMS teacher recommendations

PIT Crew Application

PIT Crew flyer